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1000L-3000L large storage type full automatic hollow blow molding equipment

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  • Classification: 50-5000L full automatic hollow blow molding machine
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  • Release date: 2020-04-14
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1000L-3000L large storage type full automatic hollow blow molding equipment


1000L-3000L Large Storage Type Hollow Blowing Moulding Machine is Well-designed and Supported by:

1.     accurately calculated die-head running design, streamlined, no dead angel, fast color changing;

2.     single/double working station, single/multi die head, with linquid level line, single/multi layerdie head;

3.     ensure low back pressure and effectively extend the life of extrusion system and gear box.

4.     multi-cavity die heads have a reasonable distribution of flow channels, and the flow can be easily adjusted

5.     single/multi layer die heads with compensation function shunt shuttle or double-enveloping heart-shaped concave surface

6.     all types of die heads can be equipped with visible liquid level design



 1000L-3000L Large Storage Type Hollow Blowing Moulding Machine is Well-equipped and Performed:    

1.     The dual-station bottle blowing machine system is equipped with a hard tooth surface gear box from internationally renowned brand, which runs smoothly, silently and efficiently;

2.     Extrusion screw is combining slotted feeder barrel with barrier screw, which ensures even melting  and high plasticizing ability;

3.     Compason blow molding machine is made of high quality nitrided alloy steel with high surface hardness and long service life;

4.     Compason machine K10D-480 can be widely applied to various raw materials such as PE, PP, PC, PA, PVC, PETG, EVOH and etc.



1.    top-cut deflashing device can remove fashes on bottle neck, shoulder and handle. This device is  electric controlled, including flash cooling and blow-off function.

2.     bottom-cut deflashing device adopts clamping cut flashing structure, driven by cylinder and controlled by electrical unit.

3.     different products height can be adjusted vertically.

4.     machine's hydraulic system is driven by a servo variable speed pump, which has higher energy efficiency and saves 40% energy comparing with ordinary oil circuits.

5.     Unique design is giving oil pump less load, less heat generation, less energy consumption in the overall hydraulic system

6.     The hydraulic valve adopts the German Bosch Rexroth brand, which is stable and reliable, with fast response and high accuracy.

7.     The system runs smoothly and the oil temperature is automatically controlled by PLC

8.     Double filtration function in oil suction and return route, is ensuring hydraulic oil and hydraulic components have a longer service life



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