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Centrifugal cyclone sieve

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  • Release date: 2020-04-14
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KBS Series centrifugal cyclone sieve

KBS series centrifugal sieves are designed and produced by Compason for sieving problems such as light materials, easy agglomeration, low melting point, easy to generate static electricity, and sticking to the back of the screen after passing through the screen to cause mesh blockage. Ultrasonic system to solve the problems of screen clogging and low net casting rate.


Equipment advantages

1. With ultrasonic system, it is more effective for the treatment of difficult-to-screen materials

2. Screen cleaning ability is strong and efficient, extending the life of the screen

3. Equipped with external displacer, which make the material not be polluted during the screening process

   and able to crush agglomerated materials

working principle

The screen is cylindrical shape, which is placed in the machine body. The material is mixed with the air flow through the spiral conveying system and atomized and enters the mesh cylinder  The material is subjected to both centrifugal force and the cyclone propulsion force through the rotor blades in the mesh cylinder to make the material sprayed through the screen and discharged from the fine material discharge port. Materials that cannot pass through the screen are discharged from the coarse material discharge port along the cylinder wall.

Application area

Widely used in chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, food, metal powder and non-metal industries, such as light materials or rapid screening of finer and ultrafine powders.




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