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KLD plastic plough shear mixer

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  • Classification: New energy new materials & New eco-friendly coating
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  • Release date: 2019-12-06
  • Product Overview

KLD plastic plough shear mixer

1.     Product description

Plough shear mixer can handle the mixing of solid powder and granules, and is suitable for batch mixing process of adding liquid. It is widely used in food, chemical industry and building materials. Industries such as sludge treatment, rubber plastics, and special building materials are particularly significant. The strong cutting action makes them have high-performance mixing quality.

2.     Flexible material selection

The mixer can be customized with carbon steel, manganese steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 321 stainless steel and other materials.and different materials can also be used in combination. Distinguish when selecting materials for equipment: material contact part and non-contact part.Functional coatings or protective layers such as anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, isolation, and abrasion resistance can be added inside the mixer. Stainless steel surface treatment has the methods of sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing, mirror surface etc.which can be applied separately on different part of the mixer.


3.     Reliable driven configuration

The mixer is equipped with driving devices with different capabilities, different powers, and different output speeds according to the nature of the material, the starting method, and the stirring method. The driving motors are: ordinary motors, anti-riot motors, variable frequency motors, energy-efficient motors, high-protection motors, and motors under different voltages; commonly used reducers: R, K, F series gear reducers, cycloid reducer, universal gear reducer, planetary gear reducer; common connection methods: direct connection, pulley connection, hydraulic coupling connection.

4.     Efficient stirring device

The coulter blade of the coulter mixer is detachable, which can achieve the effect of rapid replacement; the coulter is wear-resistant, which is more suitable for the conditions of faster wear. The mixer can also be equipped with different agitators according to different material properties. Spindle agitator type: common plough blade, serrated coulter type, scraper razor; high-speed flying shears: multi-piece cross blade, double-leaf lotus blade;

5.     Excellent discharging device

The horizontal plough shear mixer is usually equipped with a pneumatic curved flap valve. When the valve is closed, the curved flap of the valve completely fits the arc surface of the cylinder. During the mixing process, there is no unnecessary dead angle to make the mixture more uniform. The driving of the valve can be divided into three types: manual, pneumatic and electric. For reference, there are powder spherical valves, roller valves, plum shift valves, powder butterfly valves, rotary feeding valves and so on.

6.     Powerful auxiliary components

The mixer can be installed with a variety of components. It commonly consists of coiled steam jacket, honeycomb pressure jacket, circulating medium jacket, online sampling valve, high-speed flying knife, temperature detection, weighing system, dust removal and purification components. It adopts different types of jackets according to different heat source media, which can be heated and cooled, and the maximum temperature is within 250℃. When adding a small amount of liquid, a liquid spraying device needs to be configured, which is more conducive to the uniform dispersion and mixing of the liquid in the main material. The liquid spraying system consists of three basic components: pressure source, liquid storage tank and spray head.

7.     Tight moving shaft seal

The mixer is designed with 3 types of sealing modes: packing sealing, combined gas sealing, and mechanical sealing; it is used to solve the main shaft sealing of particles, powder, micron powder, liquid and slurry.







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