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The future development trend of high speed mixer


The future development trend of high speed mixer

The development of high-speed mixers has been going on for decades. Because of its efficient mixing ability and adaptability, it is now the protagonist in the domestic market and the international market. Its development can be a bit of a twist, but overall it is smooth. High-speed mixers have been mainly used in the pre-mixing of plastic materials (such as PVC material mixing). With the development of technology, they have been gradually used in food, medicine, lithium batteries, new environmentally friendly coatings and other industries. The sales volume of domestic high-speed mixer equipment has increased year by year, and the field of application has gradually increased.



With the market of old-fashioned conventional plastic high-speed mixers constantly saturated, many mixer equipment manufacturers can't keep up with the situation and can't survive. In this new environment, enterprises need to constantly innovate, and high-tech can bring them. Come for more development opportunities.

The arrival of the information age, changes in the market demand environment, this provides a good development direction for the development of high-speed mixers. In this era, many products are moving closer to informationization, and high-speed mixers are no exception. Many of the equipment produced by mixer manufacturers are connected with information technology from different aspects. Some high-end and advanced equipments have been integrated with information technology, and the equipment has become more automated and intelligent. At the same time, some new technologies developed by different manufacturers themselves. Constantly trying to be used in equipment, so that the added value of the equipment has been improved, is a win-win strategy for customers and suppliers.


  In the past few years, the economic crisis and the blind expansion of production capacity in some enterprises have led to serious vicious competition in many industries. High-speed mixers are a typical example. When companies face fierce market competition, it is very important to look for the “blue ocean” market. We are all looking for ways to break through in the market and get opportunities for rapid development.




Under the premise of the market economy, no industry can achieve the smooth sailing in the true sense. The development of domestic high-speed mixers started relatively late in foreign countries, and there are certain gaps in product quality, performance and technology. This requires the accumulation of technology in the industry and the continuous improvement of its technical reserves in order to allow the development of high-speed mixers to take off.

Therefore, Compaq Intelligent Machinery is actively introducing advanced technology and enhancing its independent research and development capabilities on its original basis. With the continuous improvement of China's industrial level, we believe that in the days to come, we will be able to continuously adjust the structure around the development of the market, improve the technology and innovation ability more quickly, and ensure the stable and healthy development of its merchants in the market.


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