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Automatic PVC precise metering,compounding and conveying system

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  • Release date: 2020-03-09
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Automatic PVC precise metering, compounding and conveying system


 At present, most of the PVC production plants are using manual weighing of various raw materials and auxiliary materials. This method does be feasible in the erea of small factories. But in large factories, for example, when the raw material to be mixed exceeds 1000 kg per hour, manual way is not economic, and the managing group can start to highlight it, such as:

1. The labor required is getting more; the labor cost is rising up; and the physical works is asking for more consideration;

2. Due to the emotional factor, working in a boring way for a long time will inevitably cause weighing inaccuracies and mismatches, which would cause major losses.

Therefore, the application of automatic weighing batching, mixing, and conveying systems is necessary. This system is suitable for large-scale production plants with an output over 1000 kg / hour, and economic benefits are obvious.

1.     The system mainly includes: Weighing device for main material feeding, Weighing device for auxiliary material feeding, liquid material batching, mixing unit, conveying system

2.     Controlled by PLC combining with microcomputer, it can realize long-term continuous feeding operation.

3.     Imported load cells

4.     The feeding part, according to the needs of the material, adopts stainless steel screw feeder, or vacuum feeder, pipe chain conveyor


Compason Automation's Advantages:

    1. Compason focuses on the processing system of powder and granular materials. Mastering the characteristics of the materials and comprehensive understanding of the material processing technology are our strengths. We are good at solving problems in the process of conveying, storing, weighing, mixing and sieving, and provide the most ideal solution and overall project planning, and finally build a turnkey project tailored to customer needs.

   2. Compason not only designs the system, but also manufactures important components to ensure product quality and reduce maintenance costs for users during the use of the system. Such as: Conveying: feeding rotary valve, direct-blow type rotary valve, rotor reversing valve, flap valve, electronic scale, super large mixing unit, pipe chain conveyor, vacuum loader, screw conveyor, vibrating screen.


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